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About us

Hello! I’m Tracy Wilson. Thank you for visiting our website and my “About me” page. On this page, we would like introduce about myself – the owners of Copper Cookware Info. To be honest, writing “About me” has always been difficult for me as I am used to making opinioned statements.

First I want you know why this site is setup. I love copper cookware, they conduct evenly and sufficiently to make delicious food. So copper cookware are considered by many chefs as the best cookware in kitchen. As an aunt, copper cookware are always my first choice of gifts for my cousin’s wedding. I did this for many years and very familiar with the history and presentation of this category.

Countless friends around had asked me about my experience about copper stuffs and my advice worked all the time. So I choose to build this site to share those tips with more people. This website aims only to provide you with information and guidance of copper cookware. I am there to show how and where to choose the suitable copper cookware for your family or your friend.

If you have any questions. Please also read Terms of Service before using this website.

Thank you.

Have a nice day!!!