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Choose a best copper fry pan for your kitchen

What’s a typical copper frying pan

The frying pan is one of the most used pans in any well-equipped kitchen. A versatile skillet is ideal for cooking omelets, pancakes and quesadillas, as well as saute panning vegetables and searing meat or fish. Typical copper fry pan refers to a pan with a long curved or straight handle made of cast iron, bronze or stainless steel. And the core characteristic of a valuable copper fry pan is that it must be made of copper or at least compose of a whole layer of copper for quick and even transmission of heat. It is about 8 to 12 inches in size, and weights 2 –4 pounds on average.


Copper thickness is important for a copper pan


A famous chef and writer Julia Child claimed in his “book Mastering the art of French cooking” that a best copper stock pot must be 1/8 inch in thickness, that is about 3.2mm. But nearly all leading manufacturers of copper cooking pots including the most famous Mauviel only use 2.5mm layer of copper for their copper cock ware. M’Heritage 250 series copper cookware set, which is regarded as a cooper cookware standard and highly recommended products by chef in Europe and America has the same thickness. Be there an optimum copper thickness for cookware?

copper_layer_thickness_all Does a company over 2 centuries could be short-sighted to shrink copper layer for temporary commercial benefits? Supposing that is true why other prestigious manufacturers follow Mauviel? Is that an invisible potential pricing alliance between them? In fact, these questions are totally fake because for modern copper cookware the optimum thickness is 2.5mm. That is universal for any valuable copper kitchen stuffs like saucepans, skillets, crepes, fait touts, rondeaux, and marmites. That thickness makes the perfect balance between heat conductivity, weight and making methods.


If you are heating a 2-dimensional plane you don’t want the pan’s contents much hotter at the pan’s bottom than at the top surface. With a 2.5mm layer of copper, the skillet can provide chef precise control of even heating in and around the contents. In other words any copper frying over 2.5mm will function that way; anything under 2mm will hurt your cooking.  More than just this point, thicker copper frying pan just need less heat requirements to deliver faster and better heat control, both up and down, than stainless steel ones.

On the other hand, any copper cookware thicker than 2.5mm is unnecessary presently. Copper frying pan with 3.0mm layer will heat up slower and take longer to cool than 2.5mm. They are heavy taking a 5 GALLON saucepan for example. If that is just under 2mm thick, it weighs about 80 pounds when full. If it had been 3.5mm, it would be over 100 and completely immovable. Nowadays they are also extremely rare and expensive. It’s common that you have never seen a 3mm stock pot in your brief search. The last 3.0mm copper sauce pan I saw was well over $1500. In fact, for these reasons Mauviel discontinued much of their 3mm tin lined series.

Copper frying pan handles


Usually there are three types of handles available. Cast Iron,stainless steel and bronze.

Most copper pans offered in a 2.5mm or thicker has a cast iron handle. The casting leaves pits and that gives the grip stability. And they stay cooler while doing a reduction better than any other handles. There will be no adverse reaction between the copper and the iron for even decades. That’s what really nice about the Cast Iron. Some 1.5 and 2mm stainless lined copper cookware are with stainless steel or bronze handles. The stainless is far too slick and offers no form of grip adhesion. While brass handles break too easily can discolor with extensive cleaning.  For worse brass handles conduct radiant heat easily to get hot faster other material, although the bronze looks not bad.
From working with Mauviel copper in the stainless/iron/bronze/brass handles in restaurants. IMHPO I prefer the cast iron over all others. Brass handles get hot so fast; stainless is nice but the best pans are usually handled in cast iron.

Stainless steel lining V.S. Tin lining

Copper pots were traditionally lined with tin. Tin is a great conductor like copper. So before stainless steel age tin is nearly the only choice for lining artisans. But it is born with natural softness. Tin lining layer is vulnerable to scratching. More than that tin is a low melting metal so cannot bear heating over 437°F. When tin layer damage happens it will cause more money for re-tinning and make extra inconvenience.

Stainless steel will not simply flake, bubble and melt as tin does. So stainless steel lined cookware will not need to be re-tined and it can be heated to a much higher temperature. Nevertheless, it maybe not the best conductor like tin. And you wouldn’t polish a SS lining skillet as smooth as tin. Either tin or SS lackes more or less for a universal sense. As a result, there are not any absolute “bests”. Generally speaking the strength, durability and easy cleaning stainless steel lining has makes it the most common we encounter with presently.


My Short suggestion

Copper is an excellent conductor of heat which allows for unsurpassed heat conductivity and control. Cooking with a copper cookware gives you the feeling like a romantic French chef in the best commercial kitchens. In addition to its instinctive thermal flair and durability, such a shiny and gorgeous stuff would make your kitchen look designer fabulous. Copper cookware is very versatile and can be used with gas and electric stoves. It can also be used inside the oven. Induction stoves work with DeBuyer Prima Matera copper frying pan and All-Clad Copper Core 5-Ply Bonded Dishwasher Safe Fry Pan as well.


2.5mm and over copper layer, cast iron handles and hammering when found together are usually signs of the highest quality. This type of cookware is outrageously expensive, but if you want quality above all others, this is worth it. Look as the video of Copper Skillet Award 2010 in Denmark. All chefs come with their own favorite copper skillets. If we can’t get the opportunity to cook in a commercial kitchen as them let’s just cook like them in home with our own copper fry pans.

Copper frying pan compare table

ItemSize WeightCopper ThicknessRatingDiscount RateBuy
Mauviel M’Heritage M250C Copper frying PanMauviel_M'Heritage_M250C_10.5_Inch_Copper_Frying_Pan_20010.5 inch
7 pounds
stainless steel lined
4.3 out of 5 stars22%add-to-cart
11.8 inch
8 pounds
stainless steel lined
4.8 out of 5 stars10%add-to-cart
Mauviel M’Heritage Copper M150S Frying PanMauviel_M'Heritage_M150s_8.6_Inch_Copper_Frying_Pan_2008.6 inch
3 pounds
stainless steel lined
4.0 out of 5 stars54%add-to-cart
Matfer Bourgeat COPPER FRYING PANMatfer_Bourgeat_copper_frying_pan_20011 inch
6 lbs 9 oz
stainless steel lined
5 stars36%add-to-cart
All-Clad 6112 SS Copper Core 5-Ply Bonded Dishwasher Safe Fry PanAll-Clad_SS_Copper_Core_5-Ply_Bonded_Dishwasher_Safe_Fry_Pan_2008 inch
2.0 pounds
No exact data
copper core less than 1.5mm
4.5 out of 5 stars20%add-to-cart
12 inch
3.7 pounds
No exact data
copper core less than 1.5mm
4.5 out of 5 stars20%add-to-cart
Kila Chef 11″ Tri-Ply Copper Bottom Frying PanKila_Chef_Tri-Ply_Copper_Bottom_Frying_Pan_20011 inch
3.4 pounds
1.5mm copper exterior +1.5mm aluminum core+0.5mm SS interior4.5 out of 5 starsadd-to-cart
Ruffoni Historia Decor 11″ Copper Fry Pan
11 inch
4 pounds
2.5mm traditional tin lined. Totally hand hammered5.0 stars39%add-to-cart
Paderno Copper Frying Pan with brass handle
10 inch
6 pounds
stainless steel lined
All-Clad CD110 C2 COPPER CLAD 10-Inch Fry Pan with Bonded Copper ExteriorAll-Clad_CD110_C2_COPPER_CLAD_Fry_Pan_with_Bonded_Copper_Exterior_20010 inch
4.2 pound
Two-ply design no information about the thickness of copper exterior22%add-to-cart
8 inch
2.8 pound
No information about the thickness of copper exterior43%add-to-cart
Anolon Nouvelle Copper Stainless Steel 10-1/2-Inch French SkilletAnolon_Nouvelle_Copper_Stainless_Steel_French_Skillet_20010 inch
3.3 pound
copper core between two layer of stainless steel16%add-to-cart
De Buyer Prima Matera 11-Inch Frypan, Copper, Stainless SteelDeBuyer_Prima_Matera_copper_Frypan_Stainless_Steel_lined_20011 inch
3.5 pounds
copper cookware has a special innovative ferro-magnetic bottom5.0 stars12%add-to-cart

**The discount rate will change as time goes on but the trends are stable**

Top 6 copper frying pans and their uniqueness

1. Mauviel M’Heritage M250C Copper frying Pan

Fry Pan with Cast Iron Handle

Favored by professional chefs, Mauviel copper pans are heat-sensitive, allowing precise timing and providing maximum control. The beautiful styling it owning enlighten your everyday cooking and is perfect for tableside serving.

This M’Heritage M250 frying Pans are marked by its very thick 2.5mm copper exterior, and a very thin layer of stainless steel on the interior. Copper is why M250C frying Pan offers even heat distribution. Stainless steel coating frees us concern for chemical interaction and scratches. This pan is compatible with gas, ceramic, glass, electric, coil and halogen cooktops.

The rather long cast-iron handle adds some extra weight and is a little bit space-eating, but that is necessary for its ergonomic comfort and good balance. If you have used to average length of the pan handle you will be happy to find this long handle gives you more sturdy and precise control when cooking. Every slight movement of your wrist is feed backed with the desired response of your frying pan. Three stainless-steel rivets keep handles permanently secure. It appears slightly heavy at the beginning, if this is your first copper pan. But soon you will be pleased to figure out its goodness in everyday use.copper_frying_pan_bacon

>-Click to view details of M’Heritage M250 frying Pans on Amazon

2.All-Clad 6110 SS Copper Core 5-Ply Bonded Dishwasher Safe Fry Pan / Cookware, 10-Inch, Silver


Stainless Steel is nonreactive. We can cook any kind of food in it without worrying any possible leakage of poisonous component of your cookware. It is heavy, durable, dishwasher-safe and inexpensive. But is also notorious for poor heat transfer and distribution. You can only get an ordinary not excellent result with a pure stainless steel pan. A better option for this problem is to get a stainless steel cookware with an added inner core made of copper or aluminum. That will increase the heat conductivity and keep all benefits stainless steel brings.

All-Clad is a great example of high-end stainless steel cookware, and this All-Clad 6110 SS Copper Core 5-Ply Bonded Dishwasher Safe Fry Pan is a common choice by many cooks. All Clad pan outperformed other stainless pans in every area. Its patented 5 layer copper core design ensures your pan responds very quickly to changes in temperature and give you a greater control over cooking.

One of the fundamental features of this All-clad copper core frying pan is that it can be used with all types of heating sources. Unlike traditional solid copper cookware, All-Clad Copper Core cookware can be used with induction cooker. Moreover, you can wash it in the dishwasher by using the conventional method of washing. Of all the existing variety, this Copper Core 5-Ply Bonded Dishwasher Safe Fry Pan gives you a little more than what is expected of it. It might be pricey, but it’ll last a lifetime.

>-Click to get this All-Clad  Copper Core 5-Ply Bonded Dishwasher Safe Fry Pan from Amazon

3. DeBuyer Prima Matera 11-Inch Frypan, Copper, Stainless Steel


DeBuyer Prima Matera copper Frying pan is the first and only copper skillet that is induction ready. This DeBuyer Prima Matera collection has a specialized innovative ferro-magnetic bottom, which makes them incubation friendly. It is constructed of 90-Percent copper and 10-Percent stainless with a glossy polish finish. Copper layer is 2mm thick which dedicates to give perfect heat distribution not just on the bottom but up the sides as well. The cast stainless steel handle is riveted to the body and stays cool when cocking. This French copper frying pan is ideal for delicate preparations such as sauces.

Although 2mm is thinner compared with Mauviel M’Heritage’s 2.5mm copper. DeBuyer frying pan performs well without any hot spots on incubation in fact it is just like the Mauviel pans on electric ovens. Aside from its excellent performance, the pan itself is equally attractive with the beautiful polished stainless steel interior. The only hassle for getting a DeBuyer incubation copper frying pan will be its higher price.

>Click to see details of DeBuyer Prima Matera 11-Inch Copper Frypan on Amazon.com

4.Matfer Bourgeat COPPER FRYING PAN 11″



What’s the best cookware depends on your needs and budget. If budget isn’t a concern this extremely heavy copper fry pan from Bourgeat is absolutely gorgeous for anyone. The copper pot comes with a stainless steel lining so you get the best of both worlds: great thermal conductivity, the safety and versatility of a nonreactive lining.

The other essential is a lodge enameled cast-iron handle. This copper frying pan is better than stainless pot for making stews. With its great heat retention & distribution, it is also great for eggs and other delicates. This skillet can also apply for pasta. And it’s not too tall so you can use it for braising in the oven. On the other hand, lined copper don’t react with alkaline or acidic foods, which prevent the metallic taste after being cooked in an unlined copper pieces. Just remember this lined copper cookware also requires regular maintenance, and it’s expensive.

>-Click to view price and availability of this Matfer Bourgeat COPPER FRYING PAN 11″ on Amazon

5. Ruffoni Historia Decor 11″ Copper Fry PanRuffoni_Historia_Decor_Copper_Fry_Pan

This Ruffoni copper frying pan made in Italy is unique in 2 respects: Professional hand hammering and traditional tin lining. If you wish to have greater control over your pan then tin lined copper pan will be a better solution than stainless steel lined one. Because tin has the similar heat conductivity as copper, stainless steel is far behind them.

So tin lined cookware responds quicker to changes in temperature. It heats up and cools down quickly. The heat spreads evenly on all sides of the pan including the side walls. You won’t overcook delicate food when removed from the heat. That will make cooking with tin lining copper pans much easier.

The shortcoming is also apparent but can be managed. Tin is a soft metal the lining is vulnerable to scratching. Wood or plastic utensils will help to protect the lining.  And avoid empty heating your pot above 450-F, can prevent the possibility of ruining the tin lining permanently. This hand hammered copper cookware is generally on the expensive side, but if you want quality above all others, this is worth it.

>-Click to get this rare hand hammered and tin lining Ruffoni copper frying pan on Amazon

6. All-Clad CD110 C2 COPPER CLAD 10-Inch Fry Pan with Bonded Copper Exterior


All-Clad c2 COPPER CLAD has just been released late 2014 as a new benchmark of top quality copper cookware. The dramatic combination of the 99.9% pure copper and a patented high-grade 18/10 stainless-stainless guarantees you can get the maximum responsiveness and precise control anytime you want it to perform its mission. It claimed to be able to heat 25% more evenly than previous copper cookware. Its flat stainless-steel cooking surface will not react with food.


Having bonded copper exterior as other top copper frying pans makes All-Clad CD110 C2 COPPER CLAD 10-Inch Fry Pan adapted with most ovens, cooktops and broilers, but not inductive heating sources. And the beautifully polished finish of the c2 COPPER CLAD collection adds attractiveness as well. The limited lifetime warranty ensures you can get the top level service from All-Clad Metalcrafters. As an undisputed cookware manufacturer All-Clad is proud of providing a new option for top restaurant chefs and serious home cooks.

>-Click to view details of All-Clad CD110 C2 COPPER CLAD 10-Inch Fry Pan with Bonded Copper Exterior on Amazon

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