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Buy copper cookware in Europe: where is the best?

Best Places to Purchase Copper Cookware in Europe

If you are a copper cookware love and happens to have an opportunity to get a trip or a short visit to Europe, It is  a valuable chance to research and buy some copper cookware while in France, Germany and Italy. In case you are not so familiar with copper cooking items. You can check out our guide page and debriefing of Copper cookware brands to get the basic information. I was fortunate enough to have that because my husband get a temporary job near the border in Belgium.
Quantity Copper pots, pans, along with other vessels are also usually accessible both second hand and fresh within the other European countries. However I actually do not have any experience with your situations (at least so far as cookware goes) For myself I am sticking to France and western area. Maybe some of you could get more various locations while you perform a journey across north to south in Europe?  In that case please don’t hesitate to comment to let us know.


The very first and most apparent palace inside cooking circles to assess is the world well-known E. Dehillerin Boutiqu, which is located at 18 et 20 rue Coquilliere 75001 in Paris. I’d strongly recommend a native French friend or translator come with you. Hint – make friends using a man that is Dutch – five or four languages are spoken by most of them. A small English is spoken by a lot of the clerks at Dehillerin. However they do not enjoy to and do not attempt to go off some iffy French you. The French stereotype copper cookware accounts mostly at this shop. And, it’s absolutely worth a visit.Another bit of advice – do not attempt during lunch as they’re not open.
You will discover that while you perform a journey across north to south in western Europe the “dwelling to work and trying to stay” viewpoint does a 180 using the French someplace in the middle – the do nevertheless take meal times change seriously.09_Dehillerin

If you enjoy tinned instead stainless steel lined ones, you should look at their Additional Garrison examples at Dehillerin’s. These can be the thicker and heavier 3mm pieces at the same time the majority of them were likely got more or 30 years past – although Mauviel crafted these but stamped with the symbol of Dehillerin. You’ll most likely have to employ a small cajoling and sway to get the clerk to really do this.

They are also selling stuffs newer, thinner. I do not understand if they’re hording a few of antique pieces that they’ll not readily replace or if there’s higher commission on these pieces.
Another store that’s nearby (and I consider they’ve several locations – I am not certain as my French is bad), is La Bovida. The shop that I am comfortable with is found at 36 Rue Montmartre, 75001 Paris – in exactly the same area as E. Dehillerin. The overly have a fairly adequate inventory including a couple of lesser known makers which are not accessible at E. Dehllerin. Another copper cookware capital worth contemplating is the Hamlet of where a tiny cottage industry exists, the standard home of French coppersmiths, and Villeneuve in Normandy.

Antique copper stores are must in your way if you do not mind pieces that are used, and value tinned copper rather than stainless.  You need more time to get dig them out from junk shops, and the flea markets. It’s not impossible to locate a number of the fine old and thick copper ware in these stores.

This really is where the real gold lies as well as the real savings start. And do not be scared to purchase some unmarked pieces. You can search for makers like the currently defunct, Gaillard, whose pieces are celebrated. Many vessels were never placed or when they were, the seller and not the manufacturer stamped them. Just look for craftsmanship signature and be careful about the thickness and depth. But if you’re seeking other types of cookware including porcelain coated cast iron, it’s certainly more affordable to get it in the United States or your home country – particularly when you element in tax (20%) and added baggage fees. In addition, if you seeking the more prevalent type of copper cookware and are place on stainless lined (which are rather great).

You might not save an excessive amount of cash and it might simply be simpler to buy a collection from somewhere like Williams sonoma or for your least hassle, simply order from Amazon. Just remember superior copper cookware is also accessible through the web.

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