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How to Clean Your Copper Cookware

Maintenance is Important for Keep Copper Cookware Clean as New

Solid Copper cookware is valuable yet vulnerable especially those tin lined solid copper ones. They might get scratched easily, the tin lining layer may wear out or be damaged by improper operation. Modern copper pans or pots require less maintenance after stainless steel lining era. But compared with other cooking stuffs they have to be taken care of occasionally. We provide some useful tips to maintain your expensive copper cookware and keep them in good condition. In the past, a good copper pan could serve a family for decades or even generations. You can override this goal with these exact methods.Clean_copper_cookware2

Things need to be done

  • Always wash copper cookware in hot, soapy water immediately after cooking.
  • Dry immediately with a towel and do not store with the lid on that might allow moisture to collect. This is helpful to prevent minor blemishes forming on the surface.
  • Use a paste made with a little flour, salt and water to clean them. Commercial copper cleaners may work better.
  • The stainless steel interiors are very easy to clean in soapy dishwater, making this a product that meets the needs of a busy generation.
  • Use wooden or other “soft” non-scratching utensils with copper.


Things must be avoid

  • For tin lined copper pans or skillets they can never be heated empty, that would cause severe and unrecoverable damage to tin coating layer.
  • Never use hard abrasive sponge because as a very soft metal. Copper is not difficult to be scratched. Use a soft sponge and woven scrubbing cloth for this job.
  • Do not attempt to remove the stains of your copper cookware since you would destroy the tin plating.
  • When you cook only cooking spoons made of wood fit copper cookware well. Do not use hard utensils.
  • Can tomato or wine are acidic and they may damage the tin layer, if they are your favorite food ingredient buy yourself a stainless steel lined copper pan.
  • Using dilute industrial acids to clean it should always be forbidden. That kind of damage is also unrecoverable, sometimes even relining cannot save your copper pot.

copper cookware take care clean

Despite copper cooker’s downsides, most gourmet chefs still prefer this kind of cookware. This is due to their excellent features such as its heat distribution system that is unmatched. Aside from this, copper cookware is an investment, offering very effective functionality for kitchen owners. So follow these useful tips to protect your valuable properties.

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