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Copper Cookware- The present and future of cooking



copper cookware and food

Ah, cooking! Is there anyone in this world that doesn’t like the smell of fresh baked meat or freshly fried potatoes, mushrooms or tomatoes. Doesn’t matter if you are a vegetarian, vegan or a meat-eater, the smell of freshly cooked food will always make your day, or your night depends when you are cooking it!

Now, when it comes to cooking you need to consider several things before you decide to make your raw food into baked/fried one. The most important thing that you need to consider is the pots/pans you are going to cook into. Your choices can vary from aluminium pots/pans to metal ones, but we are here to change your mind if it was fixed on one of these two. Have you ever heard of copper cookware? If you have, then you should only enhance your knowledge about them, as you are already cooking using one copper pot/pan. But if you have not, then you are going to be really surprised of its capabilities and pros you can enjoy if you are going to use one in the future. And trust me, you are going to when you will finish reading this article.


Excellent conductivity make copper pots unique

What truly matters to us is how does the food react with this copper cookware. Most important part of the copper cookware is its heat conductivity. That means there are no hot-spots in the pan- only evenly heated places for your steak/pasta. We are going to talk about the relation between food and copper cookware, and in the main roles we have two delicious meals that you just cannot have some negative words for them: Steak and pasta! It is wide known that the steak, as any other meat, is keen to sticking to the bottom of the pan very easily although it’s quite oily. Therefore, the copper pan has one feature that will make your problems go away with ease. Its evenly warmed bottom will make the steak go the way you want it to go- little raw; rare medium; medium baked; or totally baked. You can choose these features only because the pan has its own system that keeps it up evenly warmed thorough the cooking and you won’t need much oil.

We should also say that we understand how it feels to cook steak in iron pan- and we know your pain. I, personally, have had enough headaches of the sticky and burnt bottom of the pan even though I used more than 100ml of oil in one cook. But now with this feature I can say that I am more than satisfied!


copper pot and pasta

The second meal that is in love with this copper cookware is the pasta. Pasta has more than one synonym besides tasty- and the cookers know it very well: STICKY. Because it holds lots of carbon hydrates in itself it is keen on sticking to almost any bottom to almost any pan that you can possibly think of. Of course, if you are not thinking to copper pan, that is! Many Italian chefs are thankful to infinity and beyond for the copper cookware simply because of the simplicity of cooking pasta. The pasta (including macaroni, lasagna and spaghetti) is being mixed in the pan for quite a short time before they start boiling in the water.

It is wide known that the pasta is absorbing water really fast- which is what is making her sticky afterwards- the lack of water. But in the copper pan the water circulates evenly and the molecules that are in the pan are not being released in the atmosphere whilst cooking- so the pasta cannot react with the copper pan on the same way it reacts with iron pans for example. The pasta only slides through the bottom, thanks to the high quality metals that are carved inside this cookware which allows you to mix it whenever you want without putting a bigger effort.

So, we talked about these features but there is one more thing that you need to know about copper cookware. These features we just talked about are truly important but there is one thing that should really trigger your mind when it comes to buying copper kitchen staff. The high quality metals are not only good for the nature, but they are also good for your health! It is proven that the food doesn’t absorb any of the metal molecules, which means you are putting 100% meat and you are getting 100% meat- no other substances from the pot/pan. This has extraordinary importance because it is well known that many kitchen staff can set their molecules on leash when they are heated so the food can easily absorb them. Luckily this is not the case for the copper cookware, as you are looking in the best cookware in the business!

We also want to give you a couple of tips before you decide to buy this copper cookware for your kitchen. First- Do not heat an empty copper pan- ever! They tend to melt at temperature between 425 and 450 Fahrenheit. One tricky thing you can do is heat the pan at half the temperature you need for the cooking- as its great heat conductivity will do the rest of you and will spread the temperature even all around the pan. Second thing: You need to take care of it regularly- and by this we mean brush it with lightly acidic solution (like vinegar and lemon juice), or with special copper cleaner to prevent tarnishing!

So, we told you everything you need to know about copper cookware. We told you the benefits for the environment, for your health and most importantly for your family and beloved ones. We personally think that the next copper cookware will finish in your hands, in your kitchen!

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