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Reputable Copper Cookware Manufacturers Around the World

Copper Cookware Manufacturers

Copper cookware has a long history being proud of by chefs. Copper pots can be discovered in every renowned expert chef’s kitchens all over the world.  Cooking with copper cookware is much easier because the heat distributes quickly and evenly without any hot spots, that is common for a stainless steel one. Copper reacts quickly to heat changes, it gives the precise control of the temperature, especially on gas cookers. Besides these characteristics copper cookware has also invaluable advantage if you want to cook sauces and sweet desserts.

There are just a few companies that are still making the best quality copper cookware nowadays. Some famous ones are Mauviel 1830, Mater Borgeat and BAUMALU Copper Cookware in France. And some other European companies like Roffoni in Italy and Falk Culinary In Belgium also provide superb copper pans and pots.

In the past copper cookware manufacturers produced only solid copper cookware. Now some progressive firms like All-Clad and de Buyer are beginning to provide copper core cladding cookware, some of their products can be compatible with incubators, that is something we cannot archive with a traditional solid copper frying pan.

We selected the most common copper cookware manufacturers to form this article. Some of them like Mauviel and de Buyer have been manufacturing copper cookware for centuries. Compared with them others like All-Clad are a newbie in the category. But the common things they share are high-quality, long-lasting, copper products and good reputations and high costumer scoring.

Mauviel 1830 in France

Mauviel-M-Cook Mauviel is a leader in copper cookware market. They have manufactured the highest quality of copper cookware for chefs and normal customers since 1830. Their products are unsurpassed in quality and design. Mauviel’s culinary legacy spans more than 175 years, making their trademark copper cookware a favorite in leading restaurants and home kitchens worldwide. Now they also provide cookware constructed of stainless steel or aluminum. All collections of Mauviel Cookware products bring performance and pleasure to successful chefs, and all those who aspire to become chefs.

There are several lines of Mauviel cookware, moving from affordable to professional. One of the best lines that Mauviel offers is called the M’héritage line, which consists of fused copper and 18/10 gauge stainless steel.

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Falk Culinair In Belgium

falk-copper-cookware-10 Falk copper cookware was created in 1958. It is currently a third generation family operated company located in Wespelaar. Belgium, this company is engaging in the manufacture of heirloom quality solid copper cookware. In 1985, they invented a technology that permanently bonds a 0.2mm layer of austenitic stainless steel to a 2.3mm layer of solid red copper named “intercrystallisation”. This is regarded as one big breakthrough in copper cookware history. Those copper cookware by this company are saturated both the outer copper side and the lined stainless steel layer. This surface demands only low maintenance with routine cleaning compounds. That is a true bonus to busy cooks.

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Brooklyn copper cookware In USA

Brooklyn copper cookware Brooklyn company makes their cookware in an old-fashioned way, with pure tin linings instead of stainless steel, which is discontinued by many European manufacturers. Brooklyn copper uses nonreactive laboratory-grade tin for lining. Handle is also the original heavy iron. As a national company they offer one free relining and polishing for the costumer. Recently they manage to lower the price about 30 percent of relining charging.

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All-Clad Metalcrafters

all-clad_copper_core Born in Southwest Pennsylvania, All-Clad Metalcrafters is now the only bonded cookware manufacturer who uses American craftsmen and American-made metals to produce a complete line cookware products. Their famous COPPER CORE cookware features a bonded five-ply construction that combines the superior heat conductivity of copper with the cleaning ease of 18/10 stainless steel, for unrivaled culinary performance. Offering beauty of design with ultimate culinary performance. Like they say and I agreed the COPPER CORE cookware is the choice of true connoisseurs.

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Calphalon cookware

Calphalon cookware Calphalon cookware is a manufacturer of professional quality cookware. It provides all you can imagine in the kitchen. Their product line covers skillets, pots, cutlery, baking items, utensils, non-stick cookware, and others. These days, Calphalon cookware sets are one of the foremost choices of skilled chefs. The products are marketed at various ranges depending on the product features. They truly provide home kitchen a truly professional cooking experience.

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BAUMALU Copper Cookware In France

BAUMALU is another copper pot manufacturer from Alsace. Their copper cookware, copper pots and copper pans are also through the traditional way, which means glossy finish pure copper, tin-coated on the inside and riveted cast iron handles. The most outstanding characteristics for this company is they had ever given some 3.0mm solid copper pan, which are cherished by gastronomes and hard to find now.

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Matfer Bourgeat in Francematfer_copper_cookware

Matfer Bourgeat is a family owned French company, they have entered the American market for 25 years. Their copper cookware has combined some features to ensure that they are prominent among similarities. Each pot and pan feature 2.5mm pure red copper sandwiched to 1/10mm of 18/10 stainless interior, both polished. So your Matfer Copper cookware require no extra maintenance or relining. They have drip-proof rims to prevent sauce from running down the side of the pan. The large cast iron handles are counter weighted where they join the pan. This puts the balance point to the center between the handle and the pan connection. So all in all Bourgeat copper is another best copper cookware manufacturer you can trust.

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However, there is a small population of copper cookware enthusiasts out there who may be interested in getting 2.5mm thick copper and stainless cookware. There are very few options for that grade of copper cookware,


If you are copper cookware enthusiasts, then these companies names must be familiar to you. Some of them are specialized in manufacturing copper cookware such as Falk, Mauviel, and De Buyer. For some others copper cookware maybe just a line of their products such as All Clad and Cuisinart. For the latter ones, they utilize some modern metallurgical techs to create cookware with less demanding the rare copper. Meanwhile, they managed to preserve the outstanding heat conductivity of this costly metal. Those improvements they made also eliminate some shortcomings of pure copper to make your cookware more durable and easy to clean. That is a big help for the busy cook.

For myself, I am a fan of 2.5mm thick copper cookware with traditional tin lining. There are very few options for that grade of copper cookware. Sometime I have to compromise with stainless steel lining, which largely enriches the selection range. I have Mauviel and Falk getting from local merchandise and online webs. But the most favorite is a De Buyer from Paris, trust me it is really heavy to bear.

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  • Phyllis krochmal November 29, 2015, 10:56 am

    I have a large old copper pot or cauldron labeled e cooper and sons, Atlantic city, new jersey. Do you know anything about it? I thought my father got it overseas during Wwll but I a, not sure. Thank you.

  • Mohd Salman January 21, 2016, 5:18 am

    I am the manufactures & exporters of all type of nautical product, and home decor in brass, aluminium, copper and wood .We can also manufacture your design product. If you need any requirement of theses product i will send you the catalog of our products and i will assure you i give best price and best quality.

  • Jane Meyer May 16, 2016, 2:02 pm

    Hello Ms Wilson,
    I recently acquired an oval copper fish frying pan with a non-riveted handle comprised of a brass base with a black Bakelite (?) handle. On the handle’s brass base is imprinted a trademark showing a walking man facing right, wearing a short-peaked cap, carrying a waving banner upon which are initials “D.H.L.”. Are you able to shed any light on what this manufacturer is and the country of origin? I have conducted research on the Internet and have come up empty-handed. I am a neophyte when it comes to copper pans; in fact, this is the first one I’ve owned. The lining of the pan looks like stainless steel to me; however, I see some copper-coloured spots showing through here and there in the lining which leads me to think the lining could be nickel or tin. Once I find out what the lining metal is, and also find out something about the manufacturer, I will be better equipped to decide whether it’s possible and/or worthwhile to have it relined.
    I’ve enjoyed perusing your informative website. Thank you for your assistance.

  • Rais Ahmed May 18, 2016, 10:14 pm

    We make high quality copper mugs, glasses and bowls at a very competitive prices, do you have any requirement ?

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    I was wondering if I could have a stainless steel lining placed on my copper pans for a price. I have some very nice copper pans but they are not lined with stainless steel and I need for this to happen. If you can’t do this for me I was wondering if you knew who could thank you

  • Werner June 29, 2016, 9:38 pm

    I was missing Navarini from Ravina Italy on the list of reputable copper cookware manufacturers as I have never encountered a higher quality of hand crafted copper pieces. I purchased their cookware while traveling in Italy in the past but are excited to learn that they are now available in the US (Navariniusa.com). Maybe you could consider mentioning them in case this list/blog should be updated.

  • M.Kahak July 31, 2016, 8:14 am

    Dear Sirs. / Madam
    We are pleased to inform you that we are manufacturer of cookware in Iran , and we are interesting to know more about your full companies products in details and know also that do you have agent in our country and please inform us about your die cast Aluminum products ?

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