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Copper Jam Pan: The Game Changer For Jamming

Copper Jam Pan

The copper preserving pan is one of the keys to successful jam making. When not in use, it’s great eye candy in the kitchen. Copper Pan really make a difference in the cooking of jam, jelly and preserves. This is the right piece you are looking for. The size, shape and material of the pan make the gelling phase go so much more smoothly. Well worth the price, and something you can render to your children.

Why Copper Jam Pan is the Game Changer?

copper jam pan on gas cookpot Rachel Saunders, the writer of Blue Chair Cookbook, states that copper preserving pan is the game changer for jam preparation. Is copper jam pan overestimated for its ability? Why so many jam experts see this as the key to successful jam making? In fact, we don’t overvalue the copper jam pan in this respect. Copper jam pan has the best conductivity among all similar items.

That supreme heat conduction means your jam can be well prepared within a shorter period. That also allows you to preserve more flavor and texture of your fruit ingredients. Using copper pan can avoid long time over boiling, which will definitely harm the quality and taste of the jam. Another useful features of copper, the even heat distribution. That will reduce the demanding of stirring during jam making dramatically.

It also responds rapidly to changes in heat. When you lift the pot off the heat, it stops boiling almost instantaneously. And when you lower or raise the heat, change in temp is transferred to the pot accordingly. With it you can make a large amount of jam through an effortless method. This is the exact reason why copper jam pan is looked as the game changer.

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How to Use and Keep Your Copper Jam Pan

copper_jam_pan_contains_strawberries The key point to jam with a copper preserving pan is to put only the prepared fruit mixture into it. This is where we can prevent the reaction of unlined copper with some acidic fruit ingredient. That mixture is composed of fruit and high concentration sugar is reluctant to copper. This is why copper jam pans have been used for centuries and has not caused a massive problem for jam eaters.

I have made hundreds of jars year after year using copper pans, and the results are excellent. The exact sequence will prevent copper toxicity. So put the fruit in the pan only after sugar combining. Glowing hammered copper pans may look gorgeous in your kitchen. It requires only a few simple steps and caution to keep it in good condition. Flushing And drying copper pan right after your jamming process. Very mild detergent will be this right choice to clean a copper pan.

Just quickly wipe it down with Mauviel copper cleaner about every 3 months. Store it packed in heavy plastic in a box in your cabinet until next jamming season.These simple precautions will keep your copper jam pans from oxidation and tarnishing. I’ve found Mauviel M’Passion Copper Jam Pan hardly tarnish basing on my own experience.


Mauviel M'Passion 2193.36 11-Quart Copper Jam Pan with Bronze Handles Using copper jam pan can leave you much fresher tasting recipe in your jam. If jamming is a normally annual arrangement for your family, investment of useful tools like this  copper jam pan would make your job much easier and faster. While I was shopping for copper, more than one person said to me, “This pan is something you’ll pass on to your heirs.”

If you have ever cooked jam in a copper pot, you will know that it tastes much fruiter than jam made in any other pot. By filling the freshly made jam into beautifully designed jars, you will be able to conserve the summer for months on end

In addition from that this heavy solid copper pan coming with the elegant design will light up the kitchen. It is a legitimate consideration of getting one functional and beautiful copper jam pan. Trust me this super heavy, hammered Mauviel 11.6-quart copper pan will grabs you like it did me.

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  • Mary King July 26, 2016, 10:31 pm

    I am thinking of purchasing a copper jam pan however, I have a question. I have an old family recipe to make a peach filling for fried peach pies. The recipe bulk of the recipe calls for sugar, vinegar and the peaches. Instructions state to cook the until the mixture is the consistency of preserves. Once it reaches this consistency, you can can the peaches for freeze. My question is will it hurt to use vinegar/sugar/peaches in a copper jam pan?
    Can someone help me before I invest in a copper jam pan, please.

    • coppercook August 4, 2016, 3:09 am

      You are free to add vinegar/sugar/peaches into a copper jam pan when jamming. Just remember not to add them into an empty copper jam

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