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Copper Molds: The Original Way For Traditional Canelé

Canelés Copper Molds

Copper Mold and Canelé

My interest in cannelé grew upon discovering that the method for baking canelés/cannelé is just as mystifying as the cake’s history. Most towns in France have their gastronomic specialties (produits de terroir) and Bordeaux, as home of the canelés, is no exception. For anyone who are fans of French pastry, traditional canelés de Bordeaux are something you cannot afford to miss. Cannelé requires specialty molds, ideally copper ones play a decisive part in the making process. Only with them can you get delicious canelés with attractive crispy exterior. Copper molds are often costly and hard to get at local malls. An alternative is silicon mold, but it is widely believed that copper mold is superior to silicone ones. Canelés with Copper Mold

Tips for using copper molds

Beeswax butter coating

Copper molds must be seasoned with a mix of beeswax and butter before baking the cannelé. This is especially important if you want to get the top quality exterior. The canelés baked in these traditional beeswax butter coating molds turn out to be the best looking and the most flavorful. Coat the inside of each copper mold with bee’s wax and butter mixture with a 1:1 ratio of beeswax to butter. It’s what gives the canelés their special mahogany shine and crispness. It also adds a special flavor like honey to your canelés. The canelés made with beeswax coating also stay crisp the longest.

Proper thickness

Another notable thing is the thickness -or the thinness rather- the coating on the copper mold. This is the place where a newbie would likely make some mistakes. The thickness must be moderate to get the most crusty, russett-colored exterior and the beguiling scent.

The secret to obtaining the optimal coating is to preheat your copper molds first. Because beeswax+butter mixture seizes up on a cold mold very soon, creating a far too thick coating than needed. Warming copper molds first, then you can achieve a thin and even coating. Canelés_Copper_Mold_beewax

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High temperature

Finally, temperature is another crucial factor for best canelés. It need to be cooked at a very high temperature (530°F),be careful some oven may indicate the wrong number for having a non-sensitive temperature sensor, you better get a oven temperature sensor, for a short period of time, then the oven’s temperature is lowered (480°F) and the cakes bake for half an hour to 45 minutes .


After baking, don’t wash the interiors of the molds. To remove baked debris place the molds in a moderate oven; heat until debris burns. Remove debris with paper towels. Store lightly oiled molds in a cool location for the next baking process.


Canelés Copper Mold

The best way to reach a top quality canelés is to it with tin-lined copper molds. These copper molds are made specifically for canelés. I recommend the copper mold of M’passion pastry and bakeware set. They are usually 2 inches in diameter on top, and 2 inches in heights. This particular size is the best for crisp crust. If what you’re after is the perfect canelés, the copper mold is the only way to go.There is not other way about it, you can produce perfect and delicious Canelés using copper molds. They are worth the extra investment for getting the delicate fluted lines and crisp exterior.

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