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This is All You Need for a Kitchen: Mauviel M’heritage Copper Cookware Sets reviews

History of Mauviel M’Heritage Copper Cookware set


Mauviel has been making cookware out of copper since 1830. For nearly 2 centuries, they continued to provide us high quality copper items. Their Mauviel cookware sets are beautiful and durable, highly appreciated by professional chefs and many families, who have used the same Mauviel pieces lasting for three or even four generations.

Mauviel offers several different lines of copper cookware to professional chefs and home cooks. M’heritage is the most famous and cherished collection, with it an average cook’s food is made better and a superior chef’s food is turned into exceptional.
Cookware of this line is made of bilaminated copper and stainless steel, namely 90% copper and 10% 18/10 stainless steel. Copper has unsurpassed conductivity for precise control of heating, while the stainless steel interior has durability allow heavy use and very easy to wash. These following characteristics are what will you get from a Mauviel copper piece.

Special features of Mauviel M’Heritage Copper Cookware set

copper conductivity comparasion with aluminum and stainless steelSupreme Conductivity with Heavy Copper

Mauviel utilizes heavy copper in their pan construction, a mark of premium craftsmanship. That is the component you want if you are with some foods that require precise temperature control.

Copper conducts heat better than any other metal available in cookware. It gives even heat with no hotspots from everywhere of the cookware from bottom to outsides. It gives you a consistent template, With the solid copper ware an experienced chef gets superior control over the intensity and duration of heat.

Quick Dissipation with 2 Layer Structure

Copper conducts heat for the bottom and sides to the slim stainless steel interior. These 2 layers cooperate well with each other to offer a quick dissipation of heat, which does not only help to cook gently and also benefit to make the handle cool for a safe grip.

Well-designed Attractiveness

For appearances, practically nothing appears more warm and appealing sign than copper would archive. It naturally sends a high quality culinary message. If you get some foods requiring precision of cooking, copper pans probably the only choice. Beside from the physical heat advantage, Mauviel also includes a number of attractive finishing touches.

Ergonomic handle design makes manipulation easier when cook Mauviel entitle long handles to their skillets and sauce pans. They are set high and well above the cookware. The length and position of the handle are crucial for the best leverage, These riveted handles are extremely useful when handling a crepe pan or skillet (in which situation you may need to keep food moving or perform repetitive tricks and flips with the food inside). Stockpot handles aim outward, allows you a better grip on a heavily laden pan.

Some handles are made from varnished cast iron to better stay cool as you work. Other handles are made of bronze or sturdy cast stainless steel. Stainless steel or copper rivets securely fasten the handles to the pan. Rounded bases of select pans can better accommodate a whisk.

Mauviel M'heritage 6502.01 250c 7-Piece Set with Cast Iron HandlesHow to choose between Mauviel M’Heritage Copper Cookware set

Explanation of The Model Title

“Mauviel M’heritage 150c 6400.02 7-Piece Set with Cast Iron Handles”

This is a typical Mauviel copper cookware model title that contains some basic information of this cookware set. “M’heritage” indicates its collection. Mauviel has many products collections such as M’tradition and M’minis; M’heritage is the most popular one. “150” stands for the thickness of the sheet, in this title it means 1.5mm. The letter follows the number is for the handle material “C” for “Cast Iron; “S” for “Stainless Steel” and “B” for “Brone”.

I see no specific meaning of “6400.02” or “6502.01” is for, so that maybe just a model indicator. So “M’heritage 150c 6400.02” tell us this copper cookware set belongs to M’heritage collection, made of 1.5mm thick sheet, the handle is made of cast iron and it is 7 piece set.

My Suggestion for Mauviel Copper Cookware Set

Mauviel M’heritage copper cookware sets arrange from the primary 5 pieces set to enhanced 10 pieces comprehensive one.

No matter what material a cookware set is made of, Saucepan, Skillet and Saute pan are always essential elements. That is the same when it comes to copper cookware. a 2.7 quart saucepan with lid, a 3 ¼ quart sauté pan, a 10.2 inch round frying pan compose the basis of a typical copper cookware set. This is exactly what a primary 5 pieces Mauviel M’heritage copper cookware set includes.

With this copper cookware set you can perform nearly all cooking work in your kitchen. It is a perfect wedding gift for modern couples. If you get a big household, the basic set can also be extended into a comprehensive 10 pieces one.  A Dutch oven, a smaller a saucepan and a smaller skillet have been added to meet the unique needs you will encounter with a big family. They can be used on gas or electric stoves, as well as with a disc, halogen and in the oven.

The basic set is a great start place to enjoy the fun of cooking with copper items. It also comes with a much affordable price and big discount. If you don’t have some budget problem and the quality is the only concern you have about the cooper cookware the Mauviel M’heritage 6502.01 250c 7-Piece Set is what you are searching for, if you want a All-round set Mauviel M’heritage 150s 6100.04 10-Piece Set will be something suit you.They are well worth.

Check out the Mauviel M’heritage Copper Cookware Set in the table and find the right one you need.

Mauviel M'Heritage M250C 6501.00 5-Piece Copper Cookware Set Mauviel M'heritage 6502.01 250c 7-Piece Set with Cast Iron Handles Mauviel M'heritage 6502.01 250c 7-Piece Set with Cast Iron Handles Mauviel M'heritage 150c 6400.03 8-Piece Set Mauviel M'heritage 150s 6100.04 10-Piece Set with Cast Stainless Steel Handle2
Items in box5 Pieces
7 Pieces
7 Pieces
8 Pieces
10 Pieces
Material Features
Material90% copper and 10% stainless steel90% copper and 10% stainless steel90% copper and 10% stainless steel90% copper and 10% stainless steel90% copper and 10% stainless steel
Item Details
Big Skillet&
Frying Pancopper-skillet
10.2 Inch10.5 inch10.2 inch10.2 inch10.2 inch
Small Skillet&
Frying pancopper-skillet
8.6 inch8.6 inch
Small Saucepansmall copper saurcepan bluerightbluerightbluerightbluerightblueright
1.9 qt 1.2 qt 1.9 qt 1.9 qt 1.9 qt
Middle Saucepansmall saurcepan bluerightbluerightbluerightblueright
2.7 qt 3.6 qt 3.6 qt 3.6 qt
Sauté pan
Mauviel M'Heritage M250C 6502.25 2.5 mm 3-Quart Saute Pan
3.2 qt 3.2 qt 3.2 qt 3.2 qt 3.2 qt
Dutch ovenMauviel copper stew pot dutch oven


Copperdrill CleanerMauviel copperdrill cleaner bluerightbluerightbluerightblueright
5 oz5 oz5 oz5 oz
HandleCast IronCast IronCast IronCast IronCast Iron
Customer Rating4.2 out of 5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars4.3 out of 5 stars
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Individual Mauviel’s copper piece for you

Copper Frying Pan as well as the Sauté

A sauté or a frying pan is the most significant pan to get in your kitchen collection. The difference is a sauté has straight sides in the mean time a frying pan has sloping sides. Interesting thing is that, the frying pan is a good deal better at sauteing than a sauté pan. The sloping sides of a frying pan allow for easy turning and better flipping of your food. A sauté is far more better when compared with a similar diameter frying pan when frying food. It is also more worthy when hold a larger amount of food. That’s because the straight sides it has. Normally it gives about 30% more area the food can rest on. That also means it is a better holder when making a reasonable number of sauces and gravy. So it is ideal for American style frying chicken.

Mauviel M'Heritage Copper 250c 6502.28 4.9-Quart Saute Pan and Cast Iron Handle

Nevertheless, if anybody needs one pan for all kinds of cooking for himself or just newly married couple but wishing to get only one piece. Then a frying pan is your primary consideration, a copper sauté maybe reasonably the subsequent one. They both can be utilized in a lot of senses. I recommend the tinned frying pan, skillet, or sauté pan, for the non-stick quality and wonderful temperature control.

Mauviel M’Heritage Copper 250c 6502.28 4.9-Quart Saute Pan and Cast Iron Handle

Copper Rondeau

A Rondeau should be the corner stone of any French style kitchen. This item is utilized nearly as much as with a frying pan. That is an agreement for all experienced home cooks especially if you do a lot of braising, roasting, frying, searing, and simmering. So a copper Rondeau is definitely a universal vessel in your copper cookware collection. A broad bottom, two loop type handles and high straight sides compose the basic shape of a typical Rondeau. It usually has a huge volume to hold much more food material, which turns it into a perfect match for multi-person household family. The amazing flexibility derived from copper also gives it the “catch all” ability for food like pasta, stew and even steak.

Mauviel M'Heritage Copper 150c 6430.29 40.9-Quart Rondeau and Lid with Cast Iron Handle

 Mauviel M’Heritage Copper 150c 6430.29 40.9-Quart Rondeau and Lid with Cast Iron Handle

Copper Sauce Pan/Saucepan

A copper sauce pan is usually a smaller pot that’s handy in making (or finishing off) sauces and gravies. Nevertheless, there’s no 100% precise definition for some smaller pieces also serve in reheating responsibilities, cooking, and sautéing while other bigger examples are the prime candidates to prepare rice, potatoes, and pastas. You can even a HUGE sauce pan to function as your "stew" pot if no Roundeu or smaller stockpot available on hand. Highly suggest you just begin with a bigger one as this M250C Mauviel pot.

Mauviel M'Heritage Copper M250C 6501.21 3-1/2-Quart Saucepan

Similar to other Mauviel M’Heritage copper pieces mentioned above, this copper sauce pan is also made of 2.5mm thick heavy copper. It has stainless lining inside along with a cast iron handle that usually remains you the great quality it comes. The 2.5mm thick copper also means heat will be conducted highly equal across the whole body of pot from bottom to each inch of its straight side to ensure that no adhering happens everywhere.

Another variation that you might encounter is called "Windsor" design sauté/saucepan. These examples have actually one goal however they do it very well – that’s to reduce gravies and sauces. Since the heat is concentrated in the underside and then rises towards the broader top. The additional coverage face enables a larger and more rapid rate of evaporation enabling a sauce to "reduce" substantially faster and lock the original tastes of the elements. A great piece for any cook who needs many reductions, or prepares any other recipes require a rapid evaporation rate like curd making is recommended for a Windsor copper saucepan.

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