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Perfect Mate For Beating Egg White:Mauviel M’Passion Unlined Copper Bowl Reviews


Why copper bowl are the favorite of best bakers


Beating egg white must be performed with an unlined copper bowl has been taken for granted for a long time among those prime bakers. Copper bowls have been used in France since the eighteenth century to stabilize egg foams. Unlike other copper cookware items benefit a lot from the supreme heat conductivity. This copper bowl takes advantage of another natural feature of copper: its minimum acidity. That characteristic assists in creating of some kind of copper salt with a tighter band in reactive sulfur items such as egg whites.

The bond created is so tight that the sulfurs are prevented from reacting with any other material, so the protein within the egg white is more pliable and more expandable. That also increases the threshold temperature of denaturation, though that we have 10 more degree to expand and increase the egg white volume. And you don’t need to worry about the copper toxicity. Copper contamination through this method is minimal, as a cup of foam will contain a tenth of one’s daily normal intake level.

Mauviel M’Passion Copper Egg White Bowl with Ring

Mauviel has been a leading supplier of kitchenware for over a century. It offers a wide range of copper utensils for professional cooks and common housewife. Made with 2.5mm solid copper this unlined copper Bowl is quite sturdy compared to the additional similarities available in the market. This spherical Bowl is especially useful because of its round bottom shape that allows you to whip egg whites effortlessly.

The large diameter means it can hold enough egg whites as well as provide ample space to whisk it till they stiffen up. It produces a yellowish, creamy foam that is harder to overbeat that the foam using glass or stainless steel bowls.This also means that if egg whites you whipped is for cookies, dried for meringues or other desserts. Copper bowls will be helpful and worthwhile. If you’re doing a lot of souffles and cakes, then a copper bowl would certainly produce much better results than ever. Mauviel has also provided a brass holding ring on the periphery to grasp it.

Main Aspects of Mauviel unlined copper bowl

  • Three different diameter copper bowl for your demands
  • Solid unlined copper gives sturdy and reliable quality
  • Egg whites attain full volume and stiffness
  • Brass side ring to hold the bowl

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What Other People Think About This Copper Bowl


The online research tells us what people who are using this product think about it. I decided to include some typical ones to assist you to make a better decision.

  • This is the perfect copper bowl to beat egg whites. Sturdy and well made! This may  last several life times and become a family treasure.
  • It is fun to whip egg whites in this wonder bowl! The speed is amazing. I would whip egg whites with a whisk in this bowl.
  • Good Quality Copper Bowl.Love the copper bowl. This one is heavier than the former one I had Hopefully it will last a long time.

Verdict to this copper bowl

If you are a serious baker and want to make your egg whites with full volume and stiffness this is the just worth owning product. Choose according to your needs for it has 3 different diameters 12 inch 10 inch and 8 inch to meet all your needs

Diameter Buy
muaviel_Unlined_copper_egg_bowl 12 inch buynow-big
muaviel_Unlined_copper_egg_bowl 10 inch buynow-big
muaviel_Unlined_copper_egg_bowl 8 inch buynow-big

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Best Manufacturers Balloon Whip

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Final Video Instruction for whisking egg whites with copper bowl

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